Sibling Revelry: A Conversation with Sarah’s Original Fan

Throughout this entire 52-week challenge, the most difficult part for Sarah has been improving her dating life. So, she decided to work with a dating coach, and is now in what she refers to as “dating bootcamp.” But as awkward as it might be, Sarah is finding that there is plenty to learn - from her coach, about her dates, and most importantly, about herself. 

So in this episode, Sarah calls up her big brother Jonathan to get some advice. They talk through the struggles both of them have had over the years in finding and keeping relationships, and what the road ahead looks like for Sarah. 

Sarah Heath is the host of Sonderlust the Podcast. The show was edited and mixed by Chad Michael Snavely and the team at CMStudio. Graphics are by Allie Fleming, website is by Alex Maldonado and the Sonderlust theme song is by Daniel Roberts.

Sarah Heath