A Brain is a Fragile Thing

Recently, Sarah got word that - due to an ADHD diagnosis - her brain isn’t exactly what she thought it was. And her best friend John - who has had 14 concussions - is also dealing with his own brain-related trauma. 

So in this episode, Sarah and John invite you into an honest and vulnerable processing conversation. John shares about his ongoing battle with concussions, and Sarah comes to grips with the overwhelming feeling that at the end of the day, she’s just not doing enough. And as these best friends reveal their struggles and share hopeful words, they both come to the realization that because of these lifetime conditions, they have an entirely new set of coping skills to learn. 

Sarah Heath is the host of Sonderlust the Podcast. The show was edited and mixed by Chad Michael Snavely and the team at CMStudio. Graphics are by Allie Fleming, website is by Alex Maldonado and the Sonderlust theme song is by Daniel Roberts. 

Sarah Heath