Going Back To Move Forward

In 1998, Sarah graduated from Oak Grove High School in southern Mississippi. She was in the yearbook Hall of Fame, was voted Most Likely to Succeed by her peers, and had no aspirations of ever becoming a pastor.

But now, 20 years later, Sarah is going back for her reunion. And through the experience she comes to the conclusion that in order to find happiness in her future, she must first find peace and happiness in her past.

So in this episode, Sarah talks about her fears and insecurities with her good friend Brian Ford (a Southwest pilot, former nurse and deep thinker) and then gets the wise and loving parental perspective from Dr. Robert and Mrs. Christine Heath. 

Sarah Heath is the host of Sonderlust the Podcast. The show was edited and mixed by Chad Michael Snavely and the team at CMStudio. Graphics are by Allie Fleming, website is by Alex Maldonado and the Sonderlust theme song is by Daniel Roberts. 

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Sarah Heath