Why Being Married to Tiffani Thiessen is Better Than Dating Kelly Kapowski

Brady Smith is an actor, a husband (to Tiffany Thiessen), a father (to a daughter and a son), and a friend to Sarah. So in this episode, Sarah and Brady talk about life, work and why spending time with your family is better than anything.

Throughout the conversation you’ll hear Sarah and Brady talk about the importance of putting family first, meeting (and dating) someone who might seem intimidating, how Brady got his start in acting, how Brady and Tiffani first got together, finding someone who loves you for being you...not for what you’ve done, making space for the work your significant other is doing, navigating social media as a “public family,” online dating (is it “Bumble" or “Bubble"??), and the little things that make all the difference in a relationship. 

Sarah Heath is the host of Sonderlust the Podcast. The show was edited and mixed by Chad Michael Snavely and the team at CMStudio. Graphics are by Allie Fleming, website is by Alex Maldonado and the Sonderlust theme song is by Daniel Roberts. 

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Sarah Heath