On Just Being: with Jonathan Martin

Sarah has been in ministry for a long time. And, as is often the case, people who “do ministry” every day get to a point where they just need to take a break. The relentless pace is just unsustainable. That, along with the normal pressures of everyday life, can leave a person feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Jonathan Martin knows all about this. After starting a church, pastoring, going through a divorce, moving, writing, pastoring some more, and in the process of it all, finding himself again, Jonathan is the perfect person to talk to Sarah about her decision to take a renewal leave from the church.

This is part 1 of a 2-part conversation. On this episode, Jonathan helps Sarah realize that by taking a renewal leave, she’s doing the right thing - for herself, her relationships, and her ministry. The best thing she can do is learn how to slow down … and … just … stop. 

Sarah Heath is the host of Sonderlust the Podcast. The show was edited and mixed by Chad Michael Snavely and the team at CMStudio. Graphics are by Allie Fleming, website is by Alex Maldonado and the Sonderlust theme song is by Daniel Roberts.

Sarah Heath